Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Goodbye Japan, hello California

My last week in Osaka was pretty fun. Saturday was my last day at work, and that night I went out with a bunch of mates to Shakey's for one last pizza binge, after which we met up with more people and went drinking in Nanba and Shinsaibashi. We went to the usual places (The Little Clover, Cinquecento) and then to Rock Rock, and finally karaoke with a 15-strong team. My mate, a JET from Kochi, had come up to visit as well and it was a great night.

On Monday I met up with my Spanish friend and he gave me some last-minute phrases and advice for Chile. I'm nowhere near the level I wanted to be at, but I haven't had enough time to practise speaking it. I'm planning to start taking classes as soon as I arrive in Chile though.

That night I went to Kobe and met some friends at the restaurant I often go to in Sannomiya. As usual the 店長 cooked us a great course of different dishes, and then we went to a bar and played poker until last train. 

I spent most of Tuesday clearing my apartment and doing odd jobs. Usually when you leave an apartment in Japan there are pretty strict rules and you have to clean the room really thoroughly, but when I was leaving this place the caretaker was really chilled and it was pretty easy to move out in the end; I managed to give away pretty much all my stuff to friends.  That night I went out for a final meal at a buffet restaurant with a friend in Umeda (they had trifle, which is the first time I've seen it in Japan) then carried my rucksack, suitcase and futon to my friend's house in Nakatsu. I stayed there on Tuesday night, woke up at 6am, threw out the futon and caught the train to Kansai Airport.  The whole place was really busy and some of us passengers were late boarding. Exchanging my yen to dollars took up a bit of valuable time.  I was flying with China Eastern Airlines so that first flight was only a couple of hours to Shanghai, then I transferred to my next flight to Los Angeles. I got hardly any sleep but enjoyed the food - for some reason I really like airline food...

I arrived at LAX at around 9 this morning (Wednesday) - basically the same time I set off from Japan. I had to kill a couple of hours in the airport while waiting for the shuttle bus so I talked with my family on Skype, then I boarded the Santa Barbara Airbus. I'm staying with relatives of my old roommate from Juso and I'm sat in their guest room right now looking out over the lush hills of Santa Barbara. We went to Habit Burger for lunch and the warm weather is a big change from the low temperatures of Osaka, and apparently this is colder than usual. I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun this week.

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