Saturday, 19 January 2013

The past week

Monday was a national holiday and a day off so we made the most of it by going out on Sunday night in Osaka. On Monday we woke up late and went round my mate's brother's house to play Xbox, then in the evening I met up with one of my old professors from Kobe Uni. We went to a bar in Nishinomiya that had decent foreign beer.

I was having a better time than this photo lets on

The next two days I was working in Akashi, then Shinsaibashi. In a previous post I mentioned the 'Enjoy! 60 Second Service' that McDonald's is currently running, and in Akashi on Tuesday I went to McDonald's at lunch time to order three Chicken Crisps. They made two of them in time but couldn't make the third and so I got a free Big Mac coupon - pretty cool.

Friday was another rare day off and I met up with my Spanish-speaking friend to practise Spanish. After that we went back to his girlfriend's place and he cooked Mexican food and we stuffed ourselves with tacos.

Today was a long day in Umeda (10am-8pm) and I handed in my letter of resignation before finishing. During the past week I booked my tickets to California and Chile and my travel insurance. There's not too much paperwork that needs to be done before leaving for Chile, which is cool.  Everything's getting a bit more real now and I need to knuckle down with the Spanish. 

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