Sunday, 9 December 2012

Footy on Awaji-shima

A couple of weeks ago I went to the foreigners football tournament on Awaji-shima. It happens twice a year and I'd played in the tournament two years ago. This year it was some of the same people but we had a better squad overall. We went down on the Saturday morning in a couple of rent-a-cars and played four games that day. We lost one, drew one and won two, which we were pleased with, and in the evening went to the onsen on Awaji to enjoy some group bonding.  

After relaxing in the onsen we headed over to the hotel, which was just as bad as it was two years ago. There were four beds in each room, when the rooms were clearly meant for two. Dinner was buffet-style, but each tray of food was consumed pretty fast by the hungry gaijin and the kitchen staff couldn't really keep up. In the evening there was a party in the dining room, but it reminded me of a school disco - we ducked out and went to make our own fun.

The next day we were knackered, and played a couple more games, but lost them both.  The weather was really hot to say it was late November though; I even got a sun tan. After our last game we left the pitches and grabbed some crappy ramen for lunch at a nearby service area, then drove back to Osaka. 

Despite the terrible hotel, it was a fun weekend. The next day I woke up still feeling knackered so I took the day off work. The Friday had been a national holiday, so I'd ended up having four days off work in total, which is rare.

During the last couple of weeks I've been studying Spanish, studying for my TEFL certificate - I've now passed the course - and trying to stop myself going out. I really need to save some money as I've decided I'll be moving to Chile in March next year. I have a job lined up teaching English at a university, so I'm preparing for that. However, this past Friday it was my housemate's birthday, so on Thursday night we went to drink and eat at 鳥貴族 (Torikizoku) in Juso, then ended up at karaoke until 5am.

Yesterday I was working at my company's Akashi school, which is the first time that's happened on a Saturday, so I said we should go out in Sannomiya. A group of us started the night off by eating and drinking at 意屋 (Kokoroya), then we moved on to Midnight Express, which is a cool Turkish bar. We had some Efes beer and a lamb kebab, which was a great combo, then stopped at a bar I can't remember the name of. There was an empty dance floor which we invaded, but as there was nothing happening there we ventured out into the cold to find a club. We settled on curvebar and it was a lot of fun actually. We stayed there for a couple of hours, and after leaving we stumbled across somewhere called International Bar Nasty House - it had a British flag on the sign outside so we decided to try it. The name actually rings a bell from wandering the streets of Sannomiya four years ago. In fact, enjoying the nightlife in Sannomiya after such a long time away is a strange feeling, especially as I hit the drink harder than I used to back then. 

After Nasty House our group split up and three of us headed to すき家 (Sukiya) for a late-night snack, where we sat next to a couple of Scottish guys who were carrying a box of biscuits with the Queen and Prince Philip on. Random. After that we got a taxi back to my mate's house as he lives in north Kobe. We played with his pet snake, then went to bed.

By the way, I've just read that last sentence back. It's not a euphemism haha. He does actually have a pet snake.

One of our group had heard that the Hobgoblin bar in Kobe does all-day breakfasts on a Sunday, so after waking up we headed back to Sannomiya, which was pretty busy because the Luminarie is now on show. 

We each ordered one of these bad boys and it was the perfect hangover food. After the lamb kebab last night it's almost like being back home.

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Nice to see yo immersing yourself in the local culture Joe.
Merry Xmas.

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