Monday, 24 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas

It's been a good last few days. Friday and Saturday were pretty intense as I worked two full days in Akashi, but Saturday night we went for a few beers in Juso then Umeda. We were planning to go to a mate's house party in the day on Sunday, so we scheduled band practice for Sunday morning. That was probably a bad idea cos it took a while for some members of the band to recover from the night before, and we only practised for about an hour in the end. After practice I went home and slept, and then in the evening we went to Shinsaibashi as our friend who works at a bar was selling homemade sausages. The sausages came in the form of hot dogs with onion and pepper relish, and it was the probably the best thing I've eaten since coming to Japan. After the sausages we continued to drink in Shinsaibashi and headed home around five. I'd ridden my bike there, so we got a taxi back and I put my bike in the boot. It didn't quite fit but the taxi driver was fine with it.

Tonight I went for dinner at my friend's parents' house. The family is Japanese but they put on a massive Christmas feast, including roast chicken, Kobe beef steak and a British style pudding with custard. I ate and drank a lot - at one point I had four different drinks on the table - and then we went to karaoke. It was a really great night. This is the one time of the year when I want to go home and enjoy the Christmas season, but tonight's feast was a really good way to celebrate Christmas in Japan. it's important to have something to celebrate at the end of the year, and to have a time when everyone takes stock and stops to appreciate family and friends. As I said in the last post, in Japan Christmas isn't usually that much of a big deal; yeah, they have New Year but it's not quite as big of an occasion as Christmas in the UK. 

I guess it's times like this when I think about all my mates, and how I can't see the vast majority of them this Christmas. With the kind of life I lead I'm always changing my residence and circumstances, and while it's fun I'm constantly making new friends and then moving away from them. At some point in the future I wouldn't mind a bit more stability in that regard.

I'm working over the next four days, including tomorrow, but next week I have the whole week off. I'm trying to save money, so I don't have any trips or anything planned, but I want to study a lot of Spanish. There's also quite a few TV shows I want to work my way through. In fact, lately there's so much art I want to consume. TV shows, movies, music, podcasts... Maybe too much. There's not enough time in the day, so it's good to have a big block of free time. With the internet we have access to pretty much anything we want to watch/listen to these days. It's crazy if you think about it.  There's also too many things I want to pursue/learn about. I'm a pretty inquisitive person, so it's hard to narrow down my interests and focus on the important things. 

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