Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween '12: Part I

While a bit early, the work Halloween party last weekend was a lot of fun - me and my housemate dressed up as two members of KISS (Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons). We'd been trying to recruit two more teachers from work to complete the lineup, and most people weren't into it, but the night before the party a couple of teachers phoned me and said they were in Don Quijote (a big discount store in Japan) where they were selling official KISS masks. So in the end we got all four members, which was cool.

On the night of the party me and my housemate finished work, and while most teachers went straight to the party, we wanted to take our time and get the makeup right, and it paid off. We hadn't bought the official KISS masks, we'd bought white and black face paint, which allowed us to get a more authentic look. My housemate's girlfriend and her friend applied the face paint and then we added black wigs, a spandex leotard which we'd bought at American Apparel, a leather jacket and black jeans.

We caught a taxi into Shinsaibashi, and immediately people started staring, and one group of office workers asked us for photos. We visited my friend who works in a vintage clothes shop in Amemura, and she took a picture of us.

We then went to the American Apparel store, as my friend works there and she'd sold us the spandex at a discount. She wasn't there, but all the other staff took photos of us. Then we headed over to the party, which was at a bar called Azure in Amemura. We found the other two members of KISS, and the constant photo-taking began. 

It was free drinks for the teachers, and we all had a lot of fun. In fact, it's probably the best Halloween party I've been to. Both the students and teachers made a big effort and there were some great costumes on show.

Doing a group costume is always the most fun. I did Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles three years ago and that was good, but the reaction we got this year topped that.  Me and my housemate will be doing it all again tomorrow, although we'll just be a duo this time.

I barely have a spare moment these days. I'm pretty busy with work most of the time. But today I don't work until 6pm, so I'm do some of my TEFL course and study Spanish.

On Tuesday I was working in Shinsaibashi and on my break I walked over to the burrito shop I usually eat at, but for some reason it was closed. So I ventured over to Shakey's and saw that it was only 990 yen for all-you-can-eat pizza. To say it was the evening and not lunch time, that's a great deal. I stuffed my face with pizza, and the staff even said I could order a custom pizza. Japan doesn't tend to do a lot of meat pizzas, so I requested something with pepperoni, bacon and sausage on it. The pepperoni was really thick, so a bit different from what I'm used to, but it was good nonetheless.

I mentioned Shakey's dessert pizzas in a previous post, and below you can see what they look like. The photo doesn't make them look that appetising, but they do taste pretty good. The base is custard flavour and you get toppings like chocolate, whipped cream, icing sugar and sweet potato. Shakey's serve fruit salad as part of the buffet as well, so combine that with some dessert pizza and you get a fully-fledged dessert course to end the meal with.

I think Shakey's is gonna be my new go-to restaurant in Shinsaibashi. It's not the best quality pizza, but for 990 yen you can't go wrong.

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