Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Riding to Shinsai

Yesterday I rode from my apartment to Shinsaibashi, which is something I've wanted to do for a while. I've ridden to Umeda plenty of times, but after finding out you just need to carry on straight through Umeda and head down a big main road (route 25) it was pretty simple.

Osaka's Apple Store is in Shinsaibashi and I had to go as the power supply for my MacBook had broke. I didn't think it would take long, but I arrived at around 12:30 and they said they couldn't fit me in till 2:15. I went and grabbed some lunch at McDonald's and visited an old friend who works in the American Apparel store in Shinsaibashi.  I went back at 2:15 but then I had to wait about another 40 minutes to be seen. There was a workshop on how to use your iPad, and loads of people were sat watching. There's also a table where you can bring your laptop/iPod/iPhone and one of the staff will help you out with any problems you're having. All the staff are walking round with blue Apple t-shirts on and it was like a some sort of benevolent cult. But it's good that Apple go the extra mile with their customers. I think it's paying off for them now.

In the end I had to pay 945 yen for a new part for the charger. It's working fine now.

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