Monday, 17 September 2012

Birthday 2012

It was my birthday on Thursday, so on Wednesday night a couple of Japanese friends came round to my place and gave me a cake they'd bought. It wasn't like any birthday cake I'd had before - it was a pineapple and the flesh had been scooped out and replaced with sponge, then on top were various syrupy fruits. We had a bit of a party at my apartment and I called my brother on Skype so he could join in. 

Here's a picture of the cake:

On Thursday afternoon I had to visit a kids class which I'll be teaching from this week, and then I had a shift at work in the evening. After work a few of the guys bought me beers and we went drinking by the river in Juso. After a while we headed back to one of the guys' apartments and watched a funny Canadian film called Fubar.

The next day I had the whole day off so I headed over to a bar near my house that was hosting a weekend-long Ramones event. 

I checked out the exhibition, which had loads of Ramones posters, old show flyers, t-shirts worn by the band etc.  I've put some photos up on Facebook. Then in the evening I went drinking by the river again with a friend.

On Saturday I had a full day at work, and in the evening I didn't do much as my wallet had been taking a beating.  But on Sunday I went back to the bar to see the final event of the Ramones weekend, which was a live set by the Osaka Ramones, also known as Shonen Knife.  That was a lot of fun. Then in the evening I went out in Shinsaibashi with some friends. We sang karaoke and ate at Torikizoku, which is one of my favourite places to eat in Japan.

All in all it's been a fun few days.

Also, McDonald's were running this sweet promotion across Japan over the weekend.  I have four hamburger coupons ready to redeem now. Nice deal.

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