Sunday, 30 September 2012


Every week my hours at work are going up, which is good news. I've also started teaching kids lessons for three hours a week with a different company. The kids are crazy but a lot of fun and make a change to teaching adult students, who are much quieter on the whole.

We've been going out drinking a lot, and I need to stop because I'm bleeding money. After getting my pension returns I've had a cushion of cash in my British account, but it's a shame I've had to use most of it to finance my drinking. I'm keeping track of what I'm spending and my wages will be able to cover it, but I'm also trying to save, so I think I will really have to cut down on the drinking.

The last three nights we've been going to a place near Juso Station which we've nicknamed 'Cockroach Alley'.  The first night we went in a bar that had rats running around on the floor, then in the next bar we found a cockroach, and in the last bar we went to the toilet was covered in puke - when we mentioned it to the owner he seemed surprised but I'm pretty sure he knew. The next night we went back to Cockroach Alley and saw another cockroach in a different bar. We went back to the alley again last night out of morbid curiosity and ended up in the puke-covered toilet bar. We went upstairs and there were posters of a young child holding a wine glass with the words 'ワインをもっとカジュアルに' written underneath ('Making wine more casual'). Japan is living up to expectations.

I've started riding my bike into work, which is good exercise and more fun than riding a train. The weather has been terrible these past couple of days. There was meant to be a party today by the river but it's been cancelled because of the rain/a typhoon warning.

The apartment is really shaping up now. We have everything we need now 'cos we inherited a couple of things from an American guy who was leaving this apartment building. I bumped into him in the lift and he asked me if I needed a fridge and a washing machine, so we got given them for free. Only thing is we'll then have to get rid of them when we leave.

Been really itching to get back into drumming lately, but I don't think I'll be staying here long-term so there's no point getting involved in a band. It's something I definitely wanna pick up again when I settle somewhere though. I miss it a lot. I'm also missing pizza, but me and my housemate are gonna get a Domino's when we get paid (on the 10th). I need that money/pizza soon.

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