Sunday, 15 July 2012

Working holiday visa comes in the post

So eight days after applying, my passport came in the post with a visa attached:

It would be useful if I received my pension returns before I head back out to Japan - when I was on JET I had to pay into a pension as part of the job, and when you leave Japan you can claim most of this money back (脱退一時金).  You have to fill out a lot of paperwork (this is Japan we're talking about) and it seems the refund can take up to six months. I sent the forms off to Tokyo in March, and I still haven't got the refund.

The weather here is abysmal at the moment. We've had a couple of days of sun this week, but it's been torrential rain for the most part. There's been quite a few flood warnings etc.

My uni project is going well. Last Sunday I went to film some morris dancing in town (nice weather that day) and spoke to a few of the people involved. I always enjoy getting a glimpse into these kind of hobbies/communities. Here's a video I took of one of the performances:

Then on Wednesday I did a phone interview with Diarmaid MacCulloch, presenter of How God Made the English, a BBC series from a few months ago which I really enjoyed. He looked at how England's religious history has affected our culture today so I thought he'd be perfect for my piece. That day I also went to a new eatery on Glossop Road (Sheffield). It's called California Fresh and it's American/surf themed. They serve massive burritos, the tables look like surf boards and they play surf music over the speakers. Great place to enjoy a bit of lunch.

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