Saturday, 7 July 2012

Working holiday visa

On Thursday me and my mate went down to the Japanese Embassy in London to get our working holiday visas. We'd followed the instructions on the embassy's website and prepared everything in advance. We'd also read these two blog posts which contain some useful information.  It was simply a case of handing over all our paperwork, signing it and paying the 23 quid. Took no longer than five minutes. The only advice I can add to the above resources is that they seemed to expect us to come back and pick up our visas when they were ready, but as we're from Sheffield we weren't able to do that. We just went to the nearest Post Office and each bought a Special Delivery envelope and addressed it to ourselves, then went back and handed over the envelope. We could have saved a bit of time if we knew we'd needed that envelope before going.

It was my third trip to the embassy, and much like the first time when I got my visa to study abroad in Kobe. In fact, I remember having to go to the same Post Office and buy an envelope then. Our visas should be with us within the next couple of weeks. One step closer to Japan.

We stayed over in London on the Thursday night, so got to do a bit of sightseeing on Thursday and Friday. I've uploaded some photos I took over the two days to my Flickr.  I took them with a DSLR camera I've borrowed from the department at uni. Tomorrow I'm planning to go and film some morris dancing in town so I needed it for that mainly. Yeah, apart from sorting out my visa I've been mainly working on my final uni project and working at Pizza Hut. I want to get all the interviews/material for my project done over the next week, then I'll spend the week after editing it and writing the appraisal.  That will all fall on the days off I have from Pizza Hut - the priority right now is saving up some money. But I've got a bit of money off my dad (early birthday present) and my grandparents just came round and they've given me a cheque which will help me out a lot. Couldn't ask for better grandparents.

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