Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic opening ceremony

I watched the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night. I'd researched quite a bit about it for the radio piece I've been working and it turned out to be really entertaining. I think Danny Boyle did a great job of covering the historical and the contemporary, and touching on everything the UK is famous for around the world. The scene with Mr. Bean and the one with James Bond and the Queen were inspired, and having the Arctic Monkeys perform to kick off the Olympics was great.

I finished off my radio piece and handed it in on Friday. I just have to write the critical appraisal to go with it and then I'm done with this masters. 

These last few weeks before I go to Japan seem to be going more quickly than they have in the past, but I've been busy with various things, including working quite a lot. My last shift is this Friday. 

On Wednesday everyone from work went on a night out. It was a couple of people's birthdays and a couple of us guys from the kitchen are leaving as well. We went to Corp, but there weren't many people there so it shut at 12. Strange.

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