Sunday, 10 June 2012

Radio Sheffield

So I handed in the essay and the proposal I was working on. Not my proudest moment, but they're both in. Now I just wait to get feedback on my proposal, and then I can start working on the radio piece.

But not for the next three weeks, because from tomorrow I'll be doing my placement at BBC Radio Sheffield. It should be a really useful experience. In fact, this is kinda why I ended up doing this masters. You see when I was finishing up on JET last year I emailed Radio Sheffield and asked if I could do some work experience with them, and they emailed back and said one of the only ways they accept people is through the Broadcast Journalism MA at Sheffield Uni. So I looked into that I decided it was what I wanted to do. One of my classmates did his placement with them over the Easter break and he said it was great. He even got a bit of paid work towards the end.

It's gonna be a busy three weeks because I'm working at Pizza Hut on the weekends as well. I've just got back after working yesterday and today. It was good to be back and filling my belly with grease.

The placement, and working at Pizza Hut, means I'm gonna miss a lot of matches from Euro 2012. I forgot how much I love international footy tournaments, and this year it seems like the English press haven't overhyped England's chances, so everyone can chill out and enjoy the tournament for what it is.  We've done a sweepstakes at work and I drew Italy. 32 quid coming my way if the Italian Stallions win. It seems quite open in general this year. Netherlands had a poor result yesterday and Spain only drew today. The best game so far seems to have been the opener though, between Greece and Poland, which everyone thought would be boring. I'm doing a fantasy football league with some guys off my course. I'm not doing bad so far.

This whole situation reminds me of two years ago. Around that time I was planning to go to Aomori, it was the summer and the World Cup was on. And then two years before that I was planning to go to Kobe and Euro 2008 was on, although I remember not paying much attention that year as England didn't qualify.

I phoned up the embassy on Friday to ask them some questions about getting my working holiday visa - everything's coming together nicely. And a friend says he's gonna come with me to Japan. It's gonna be fun.

Finally I went to a great party on Friday. It was thrown by one of the girls off our course and most of the class turned up and had a great time.  Here's me pulling my best Asian pose with another (Asian) party attendee:

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