Monday, 18 June 2012

One step closer

Yesterday I took a step closer to Japan by buying my plane ticket - I'll be flying out on the 8th of August with Cathay Pacific. I booked it through the STA Travel website and the price was just over 500 quid for a one-way ticket.  I've just checked what date I came back from Japan last year and that was the 8th of August as well, so purely coincidentally I'll have been in the UK for exactly one year. 

I'm free to go whenever I like, but realistically I have to finish off my placement at Radio Sheffield, do my masters project for uni and then save some money by working at Pizza Hut.  I figured out that I should have all that done by about August 8th.

So it's just under two months till I leave, and I remember being in a similar situation two years ago. I moved out of my student house and back to my parents' place and I had two months till I left for Japan, which seemed to drag on forever.  I hope these two months will pass quicker than that.

Last night I went to see blink-182 at the Motorpoint Arena. They were meant to tour the UK last year while I was still in Aomori, but, luckily for me, they cancelled that tour and rescheduled it for 2012, so me and a mate decided we had to go.  The Sheffield date didn't sell out but there was a lot of people there. Blink seem to be one of those bands that split up and got even more popular for it. They're one of the, if not the, biggest alternative bands around and they played a great set. It was great to see Travis Barker live as he's been an inspiration for me as a drummer. His beats are really catchy on their own, and he deserves to be one of the most well-known drummers playing today. I remember a few years ago I bought an issue of Modern Drummer and they had lessons on how to play some of his more famous rhythms - I learnt a lot from just studying those beats.  

Last night was the first time I've been to a seated gig. Obviously we stood up when Blink came on, but it was definitely a different vibe to being stood in a crowd in front of the stage. We were pretty far away from the stage as well, so that probably made a difference.

My placement at Radio Sheffield is going fine. Most days I'm editing the breakfast phone-in into a montage, then going out to do vox pops in the city centre. It's a bit repetitive but I've learnt a lot about the way a BBC radio station works.  Just about all the pieces I've worked on have gone out on air and I've been name-checked a few times so I'm keeping a copy of everything.

Euro 2012 has continued to be a really interesting tournament. The big surprise so far has been Holland going out at the group stage having lost all three games. England's final group game is tomorrow and I should be at home to watch it. For the France game I was at Radio Sheffield and for the Sweden game I was at work.

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