Friday, 1 June 2012

What I've been working on lately

Here are a couple of pieces I've been working on during the past week at uni. 

First, the TV package on hovercraft racing that I mentioned in a previous post:

Then a radio package on South Yorkshire's newly announced tram-train system. I put this together for a module called Power and Society:

I have just two more pieces of written work to do, then my final project, which should take up most of July.

My shoulder's gradually healing up. I had an appointment for a physiotherapy session today, but other than catching loads of buses I had no way of getting to the Northern General and back, so I gave it a miss and found some exercises to do by myself.

I'll be back at Pizza Hut next weekend, so this is my last weekend off. Speaking of Pizza Hut, they've brought out a new pizza to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It's called the Crown Crust and it looks like this:

It seems to follow the trend of using meat in the crust, just like the Crown Crust in the Middle East and the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust in the US.

Also, I got another review posted on Punknews. Been on a big MxPx trip lately, which led to me hunting down all of their obscure and rare tracks and making a bootleg compilation. Might upload it to the internet at some point.

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