Saturday, 23 June 2012

Japanese food drop

So my time at Radio Sheffield finished a week early, but I still got two weeks of valuable work experience there. I was offered a load of hours over the coming week at Pizza Hut, and as I'm saving for Japan I couldn't turn down paid work to do free work experience. Also, the third week would have most likely been more of the same; I never seemed to progress beyond doing vox pops and editing montages. Anyway, here's a couple of examples of vox pops I did: 

In that second vox I managed to sneak the word 'bollocks' onto Radio Sheffield. Another funny moment came yesterday while out doing more vox pops when one guy told me he was sure he recognised me from jail. I assured him I'd never been to jail but thanked him for the compliment.

On Thursday one of my Japanese friends from Aomori came to Sheffield. She's in the UK for a friend's wedding and we took the opportunity to meet up. I showed her round Sheffield and took her to Nando's for true British dining, and in return she gave me a big bag of Japanese food:

It's been ages since I tasted sweet, sweet Calpis Water.  The evening was also a chance for me to talk Japanese again, and I had a really good, chilled-out time showing her round Sheffield. She even got to experience some typically wet and overcast British weather.  Looks like it's gonna be another summer of bizarre weather here.

England progressed to the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 and they're up against Italy tomorrow. My shift finishes at 4 so I'll be back in time to watch it all. C'mon lads.

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