Thursday, 10 May 2012

New save batteries for Game Boy games

As I mentioned in a previous post, the save battery in my Pokémon Gold cart recently died.  I'd actually sent the cart off to Nintendo and had a new battery put in back in 2008, but they don't do that anymore so I decided to replace the battery myself.  And while I was at it I thought I might as well replace the batteries in my Pokémon Blue and Dragon Warrior Monsters carts.  I don't own a soldering iron though, so my mate (who does) said he'd solder the batteries in for me.  

Following this video we replaced all three batteries. From eBay I picked up the special 3.8mm security bit and some tabbed CR2025 batteries - the tabbed versions, as used in the video, make things really simple when you're soldering them in.

When we opened up Dragon Warrior Monsters we found not a CR2025 but a CR2016, but a quick bit of online research showed that the different number just meant it was physically a different size (e.g. a CR2016 is 20mm diameter and 1.6mm thick). The CR2025 fit onto the board and has a higher capacity so it should last for longer.  And when I was putting the games back together I thought I'd mix up the rear cases for a more original looking cart:

If you wanna keep playing your old Pokémon games you'll probably need to replace the battery soon. As the 2nd generation games (Gold, Silver, Crystal) used an in-game clock this wore the battery down relatively quickly, so most of the batteries in these carts will have died a while back (these games were made over 10 years ago).  The batteries in Red and Blue (nearly 14 years old) have lasted a bit longer as those games didn't have an in-game clock, but it seems they're starting to die off as well.  You can get the batteries for cheap off eBay or Amazon and there's plenty of advice online for replacing the batteries.

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