Monday, 7 May 2012

Media Mail

Just came across this when making an order at
"If you're not in a rush, shipping your order by Media Mail will save you a ton on shipping. Media Mail is a special service created by the Post Office aimed at spreading art, music, and knowledge with minimal costs. The trade-off is the time you have to wait for delivery. 
This service can ONLY be used to ship: books, film, manuscripts, printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages, videotapes, and computer-recorded media like CD, DVDs and memory cards. 
A media mail shipment cannot contain things like clothing, shoes, jewelry, key chains, toys, etc. If your cart contains any of these "non-media" items, you cannot select this shipping service."
I can't use it 'cos I'm in the UK, but it still sounds like a pretty rad idea. Not sure the UK government would ever implement anything like this...

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