Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lovely weather

This is what I like to see.  

Today I have the day off, but every other day lately has been pretty intense.

On Saturday I went to film a hovercraft racing championship at Rother Valley. It's for a group TV project, so all of our group went down and got some great footage, interviews etc. A couple of the lads even got taken out on the lake in one of the hovercrafts. It was chilly and quite wet that day though, quite a contrast to today.

On Sunday I spent the whole day revising for an exam on local and central government. I took the exam on Monday and in the end it turned out to be a lot easier than we'd been expecting so everyone felt confident they'd passed.  And that was our one and only exam, so everything I have to work on from now on is a bit more practical-based.

On Tuesday I, along with a different group, spent all day preparing for a group presentation on newspapers. We made it interesting by shooting a couple of videos to include, and by sourcing people's opinions via Twitter and Facebook. Yesterday we performed the presentation and our lecturer seemed to appreciate how entertaining we'd made it. But as soon as that was done we headed to the edit suite and spent all day editing the hovercraft footage.  

And then last night I recorded a new episode of the podcast. I'm not gonna be doing the show on Forge Radio anymore now that the official broadcast schedule has finished, so I think I'll just be putting out the odd podcast when I get time.

My TV group decided to give ourself the day off today so I went to the post office to send out all the packages I've sold on eBay.  All but one of 20 items got sold so that's given me a bit more cash to put towards Japan.

As for the shoulder, it's healing nicely. I've taken the sling off and I can use my left arm a bit more now.

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