Saturday, 5 May 2012

Local election coverage at uni

So the Easter break ended two weeks ago and it's been a fairly busy period at uni since then. On the first Monday back we had a career day where we practised doing an 'elevator pitch' and spoke with people from the journalism industry. Then towards the end of last week we had a social media workshop with @fieldproducer. And this week has been a week of 'newsdays' based around the local elections. We've been in from 9 to 5 pretty much every day, reporting on various stories for TV and radio. We've put together some great stuff, including live broadcasts from the election count using an iPhone. Here are a couple of pieces I worked on:

I was glad I got to go to the Sheffield Wednesday press conference on Thursday - it's been something I've wanted to do on newsdays throughout the year but I've always been busy elsewhere. This past Thursday my job was radio reporter so I went down and recorded the whole press conference, and as it's the last game of the season this weekend, and a very important one at that, there were a lot of press there.

So yeah, the big match kicks off in just under an hour now. I had a ticket, but I was also down on the rota at work and I really need the money right now, so much that I can't turn the hours down. I'll be listening on the radio.

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