Friday, 18 May 2012

Dislocated shoulder

The most eventful thing that's happened since my last post is undoubtedly the dislocation of my left shoulder. It happened last Thursday while playing in goal in a penalty shootout.  I dove down low to my left for one of the penalties and saved the ball, but as I landed I heard a quick tearing sound, and when I heaved myself up my whole left arm didn't feel right. In fact, I couldn't really move it in most directions, and I was pretty sure I'd dislocated it. My mate drove me to A and E, and after some x-rays, a couple of shots of morphine and some laughing gas everything was back in place.  Here's a picture of what happened:

Now I'm wearing a sling and typing this with one hand. I'm slowly regaining movement and I'm scheduled to start physiotherapy once the sling is off in a couple of weeks. From talking to a mate and my tutor at uni, who've both done it, it's likely to happen again. We'll see. 

It's come at a pretty bad time to be honest - I have an exam, presentations and projects all happening as the semester winds down. In fact, it's the last day of the semester today, and I didn't even realise until walking through Bar One I noticed the current Japanese Studies 4th years all drinking there with one of their teachers. I wondered why they'd be doing that, then realised it was the last day of term. I remember being in that situation. I actually wrote a post about it (  Note the strong sense of irony as I put "I'll never take another class again, unless I do another degree or a masters course or something similar, but I can't see that happening any time soon." Haha. 

I had some good news today though, and it relates to returning to Japan once this masters is done. I was able to switch my bank account back to a student one, meaning I get the huge interest free overdraft that comes with it. I'm not sure why I didn't change it back when I started my course last year - it never occurred to me.  But lately I've been really watching my finances and figuring out how I'd be able to afford to return to Japan. I've been spending as little money as humanly possible and scrounging around for cash, including selling a load of old stuff on eBay - I'd forgotten how fun that is actually, putting everything online then watching the bids creep up over time. But with this new overdraft I have a lot more available cash, and of course I'll pay it back once I start earning a wage out there (the overdraft limit won't be reviewed until January, so I have plenty of time).  I also called in to a travel agent and inquired about one-way flights to Japan. I've been thinking I want to go as soon as possible, so I asked about the cheapest flight in the middle of August, and it was around 500 quid. That, in my experience, is cheap. So I'm thinking of booking it soon to make sure the price doesn't change and to give me a date to aim for. 

Operation Get Me Back To Japan starts here. ぜったいやるぜ!I feel the need for some montage music.

Training Montage by Rocky on Grooveshark

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