Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Snow in April

March just gone was apparently the third hottest since records began. It was hotter in the UK than in Barcelona and everyone was having a great time.  But this morning I opened my curtains and saw this:

So we've gone from this to this in one week.  I also hear that the weather in Japan has been unusual as of late.  A lot of friends on Facebook were posting about strong winds that have disrupted public transport and even prevented some planes from flying.

The Easter break here started on Friday and I've been playing video games quite a bit.  I recently bought an old Xbox so I've been playing on that.  I've also been watching some great films, as well as some not so great ones.  Great would be TronOnce Upon a Time in America and The Jerk.  Not so great would be a film called Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure.  When I was living in Aomori I picked up a double DVD set of Ewok films that I found in a bargain bin at a PC shop.  I never got round to watching either of them until the other day, but the first was so atrocious I didn't bother watching the second.  George Lucas wrote and produced Caravan of Courage in 1984, only one year after RotJ, and there's such a gap in quality between those two films it's unreal.

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