Saturday, 14 April 2012

Open mic night and Andrew W.K.

On Thursday me and some mates went to an open mic night at a cafe on Abbeydale Road called The Rude Shipyard.  The evening was organised by someone I met at the poetry slam in Birmingham a few weeks ago. It was really enjoyable, maybe more so than the slam because everyone brought a different style of poetry. It was held in an upstairs room in the cafe and the room was so packed that not everyone could fit in. I'm sure it'll be at a bigger venue next time and I'd be interested in going again.

Then last night me and a mate went to Manchester to see Andrew W.K. at the Manchester Academy. It was a great gig and unlike any I've been to before. It was like going to a giant party with a house band rather than going specifically to see a band, and I've never seen so many people grinning from ear to ear at the end of a show. And knowing how big of an Andrew W.K. fan I am, my mate had bought me this songbook after seeing it in a music shop:

It was a random and unexpected present but I really like it and it'll give me something to play next time I pick up a guitar.  Not that Andrew W.K.'s songs are that hard to master.

Driving back to Sheffield after the gig we passed some places with great names, such as Upperthong and Netherthong. And one surreal part of the evening happened when we were on the Snake Pass. Bearing in mind there were no other cars on the road, it was 1AM and pitch black, up high on a hill to our left we spotted a glowing crucifix. It was also Friday the 13th so I fully expected a group of hooded torchbearers to appear at any time.  All in all, a great night.

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