Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Poetry slam

On Thursday I went to Birmingham to see a 'poetry slam'.  My good friend Andy was organising the whole thing and I thought I'd use the event for my radio feature, which is one of the pieces of assessed work I have to submit this semester.

I travelled by National Express to Birmingham then caught the train to Selly Oak.  The venue for the poetry slam was right next to the train station and I met up with Andy there.  I recorded some audio and video and really enjoyed the whole thing.  You can see the resulting radio feature below and there are videos of some of the performances on my YouTube channel.

I spent six years of my life growing up in a small town in the West Midlands called Hednesford and so it was interesting to be back in that part of country. I've never been particularly fond of the Midlands and especially Hednesford, but hearing the Midlands accent and seeing Hednesford station on the rail map brought back a strange sense of familiarity.  I guess when you've lived somewhere for six years you're bound to still feel some sort of attachment to the place.

I took some photos from the trip and they're up on my Flickr account here.

On Sunday I went to Hillsborough Park for another piece of uni work - an audio slideshow.  There was a Sport Relief Mile event being held there so I took some photos and audio to make this:

I'll be submitting both of these pieces and then it's the Easter break.  We have three weeks off and I'll probably be working for most of it, but I might do a bit of travelling.

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