Saturday, 3 March 2012

The past week

On Monday night I went to see my mate's band at Soyo in town. They're called The Lion Works and they're a combination of The Smiths, U2 and Arctic Monkeys. Each song had a different vibe though and the guitars and vocals were especially good.

Me and a couple of mates from uni went to see wrestling legend, Mick Foley's stand-up comedy tour at Sheffield City Hall on Wednesday. You can find my review of the show here.

On Thursday it was my band, Spheres of Chaos' first performance in over two and half years, and I'd organised the gig. We played at the Green Room in town with a couple of French acts who've been on a UK tour - seal of quality and John Makay. I've known seal of quality for a while through Gamewave and I've also released some of his music on Pterodactyl Squad. When I heard he was coming to the UK on tour I offered to put on a Sheffield date, and the whole event turned out really well. We had about 40 people come, there was some great music and it was good to get back together with the SoC guys. The Green Room have even asked me to put on a monthly night.

Last night I went to the Steelers game with a mate from uni who covers the Steelers on Twitter for a service called Sheffield Breaking. We both got a free media pass to the game and afterwards we filmed an interview with Steelers player, Rod Sarich.

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