Monday, 19 March 2012


On Friday night I went to Manchester and DJed at an 8-bit night called Megabyte.  The guys who run the event listen to my podcast and they got in touch a while back asking if I'd be up for DJing.  Friday was Megabyte's first birthday and it was at a venue called the Retro Bar in an underground room.  Quite a few people turned up and it was a lot of fun.  The DJs played 8-bit music all night, there were three live acts and there were consoles hooked up to a big screen as well; I played some Super Smash Bros. Melee for the first time in years.  On Saturday I had a meeting at Pizza Hut at 9 o'clock so I checked into a cheap hotel (Britannia Hotel Manchester) and got about 3 hours of sleep before an early train the next morning.  Megabyte is a monthly event, and they're putting on an all-day festival in September with a great lineup of artists so I'm sure I'll see the guys again soon.

Unfortunately on the train to Manchester I discovered my save file on Pok√©mon Gold had been lost.  I'd only been playing it a couple of days before, and had in fact just completed it, but I'm still gutted to lose the sick squad I had.  I think the battery must have gone again.

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