Thursday, 16 February 2012

Star Wars in 3D

Last night I went to see Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D at Cineworld.  Everyone knows TPM was a huge disappointment, but it's still Star Wars and I thought the addition of 3D was a good enough excuse to go and watch it again.  The podracing and final lightsaber battle were the best scenes for 3D, but as the film wasn't originally designed with 3D in mind there weren't that many moments when it was used effectively.  I'd rather watch a film in 3D than not in 3D though.  The most enjoyable moments of the film are still those that look forward to the future of the saga, such as Obi-Wan meeting Anakin for the first time.  Qui-Gon is also a great character.  But some things like the accents of the Neimoidians, Jar Jar and the wooden script make you wonder what Lucas was thinking when he made this.

The whole experience reminded me of when I went to see Episode III at the same cinema.  I went to the midnight showing with some friends, then went back later on the same day with some other friends and we took our lightsabers.  It also reminded me of when I went to see The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition in 1997.  That was a re-release of the original and the way I first got into Star Wars.  I'm sure these 3D re-releases will introduce a whole new generation to Star Wars in the same way.

I'll probably give Episode II and III a miss, but I look forward to seeing IV, V and VI in 3D.

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