Saturday, 11 February 2012


After finding my Game Boy Advance SP and all the games I started playing Pokémon Gold. I chose 'CONTINUE' when the game loaded and found myself in the middle of a game that I half remember. I remember all the Pokémon in my team but I don't remember how I got to where I was and how much of the game I'd completed. After playing it again I still think Pokémon is one the greatest games ever made, and I even found my N64 and Pokémon Stadium 2 so I might load my team up onto that and have a go. 

We only just got internet at the new house today (I've been using an Orange USB dongle to check emails, but it's too slow to do much else) so I've been filling my time with things that don't require an online connection, like video games, DVDs and books. I've been reading Roger Ebert's autobiography, Life Itself and in it he describes growing up in the 50s and 60s and how simple and slow-paced life was back then. Without the internet I've actually enjoyed leading a slow-paced life myself, and I've made the decision not to waste that much time on the internet like I used to.

Uni started up again this week. We got straight back into things on Monday by learning how TV news works. We were given a quick explanation, then we all had a go at working the camera and sound, controlling the autocue and presenting. It was enjoyable and quite different to radio news as, unlike radio, you have someone in your ear telling you to speed up, slow down or smile. 

On Tuesday a guy called Paul Kerley came from the BBC to talk to us about audio slideshows. I went in to the lecture not knowing whether it would be useful or not, but as Paul showed us some of his work and explained how slideshows are unique to the web and exist somewhere in-between radio and TV, I came to see their function. Making an audio slideshow involves a bit more than just choosing some photos and music, and we've got to make one as part of our assessment this year. That should be fun. Here's one example of Paul's work for the BBC.

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