Saturday, 4 February 2012

Moving house

So we finally moved into our new house on Wednesday.

Me, my bro and my sister actually moved out of our dad's on January 27th, but we couldn't move into the new place for four days, so we took all our stuff to our mum's one bedroom flat. It was comical how cramped it was.  There were mattresses, boxes and bin bags everywhere and it looked like a hoarder lived there.  There was just enough room for my brother to sleep on the sofa, but I went and stayed at my aunty's place. My sister stayed at her boyfriend's.

After moving all the stuff to my mum's on the 27th I went to Manchester in the evening to see TNA at the MEN Arena.  I wrote a review of the show for a wrestling blog and you can find that here.  It was great, even if we did spend a lot of time on the road both there and back.

Staying at my aunty's was good. She's one of those people who cooks a lot, so I ate some great meals there.  Then February 1st came around and we moved all the stuff from my mum's flat to the new house.  Other than looking on Google Street View, neither me or my sister had actually seen the house until we turned up to move all our stuff in - my brother and mum had done most of the house searching.  It's a three-bedroom place with a dining room, and I have the dining room as a bedroom.  It's quite spacious.  Although I forgot how much stuff I have. When I went to and came back from Japan I had very little with me, but through this move I've been reunited with a lot of stuff that I'd left at both my dad's and mum's houses.  A lot of it isn't worth getting out the boxes, so I've just shoved the boxes in a corner along with my drum kit, which I haven't unpacked either.  I toyed with the idea of selling my drum kit, but I figured I wouldn't get much money for it so it'd be better to hang on to it.  I don't think I'll be setting it up here. I will be practicing with my band, but we can do that at a practice studio in town.

I'm working quite a bit over this weekend and then I'm back at uni on Monday.  Signups for Forge Radio are on Monday as well, so I should be starting up with Gamewave again soon.

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