Monday, 19 December 2011

End of term

Uni finished a couple of days ago and it's great to get a bit of a break.  It's not gonna be a complete break though, as I'll be working at Pizza Hut most days, and I have a couple of exams in January to revise for and an essay to write.  But due to the nature of my masters I've already handed in a big chunk of the assessed work for the first semester. In fact, most of it came in the last week.  I finished off my four patch stories from Barnsley on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, handed in my TV news piece on Wednesday, and then I had an assessed news bulletin on Thursday.

I've uploaded my TV piece to YouTube:

After handing everything in, everyone from the journalism masters courses - including the lecturers - went for a pint at a nearby pub, and then we had a party in the evening at my classmate's house.

The first semester has been tough, but not as intensive as my Japanese degree, so it wasn't too bad.  And most of it is practical, working with cameras or voice recorders, so I really enjoy it.

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow so I'm going out for lunch with her and some family and friends.

Things are a bit strange at home at the moment; I won't go into details, but it means I'll be moving out around the beginning of February.  I must have moved house more than anyone I know. I never seem to stay in the same place for very long.  Looking forward to Christmas though, missed it last year being in Japan. I think we're going to our aunty's on Christmas day.

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