Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was a lot of fun and made up for my sub-par Christmas last year.

It started with a long lie-in, then after I'd got up I walked over to my mum's place where my brother and sister were. My mum cooked us all breakfast and then we opened all our presents. Notable things I got include a Star Wars wallet, some books I'd been wanting, PJs and a Mick Foley action figure.

At around 2:30 we went over to my aunty's house, which is nearby, and enjoyed a couple of beers while watching Jingle All The Way.  By around 5:30 Christmas dinner was ready and my aunty had cooked a feast which has to be up there with the greatest meals I've ever eaten.  For the first time in a long time I ate so much it physically hurt my stomach, but it was worth it.  After that we drank some more, listened to Barry Manilow and played Scrabble.  We rolled home around 11, full and happy.  It was great to see my mum have such a good time.  She had drank quite a bit of wine but I hadn't seen her laugh like that in a long time.

Today I was back at work at Pizza Hut, but it was strangely quiet.  The weather this Christmas has also been a bit odd.  It's really warm in Sheffield for this time of year, so no snow.  It's an interesting vibe.

I'm working every day for a bit, but I'm off for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  I have a friend coming up to Sheffield for the 31st and we should be going to a house party.  He's a British JET CIR who's still working in Japan but he's back for Christmas. Haven't seen him for a bit so it should be fun.

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