Sunday, 27 November 2011

Week 9 at uni

On Wednesday we had a Twitter workshop with Neal Mann, a graduate of the Department of Journalism at Sheffield University. On Twitter he's better known as @fieldproducer, and he was one of the innovators in using Twitter to break news stories.  He gave us some great tips and ideas for using Twitter, and he gave us a big list of people to follow so that our homepages are constantly buzzing with tweets from the best journalists in the UK.

On Thursday we had our first 'news day'. Our class of about 14 people had to function as a newsroom and put out radio news bulletins every half hour from 11am-5pm.  We also put out online content throughout the day.  Each of us was given a responsibility and I was sports editor for the day.  It was my job to cover all the sports stories of the day, submit them for the regular bulletins and then read a more in-depth sports bulletin at 1pm and 5pm.  I really enjoyed it and I sent one of our reporters to Hillsborough to cover Sheffield Wednesday's press conference which takes place every Thursday.  I also arranged a phone interview with a local boxer by Twitter, so the usefulness of having a Twitter account is already becoming apparent.  Next week I'll be online editor, working on the website rather than gathering audio and writing stories for the radio.

After our news day finished BJ F.C. had our second derby of the season against Printer Milan.  There were a couple of injuries during the match but we won 4-1.

Yesterday I recorded another Gamewave and I feel I'm getting better at presenting a show.  I'm putting more emotion into my voice and the show seems to be flowing really well and sounding professional.  I'm also getting some good listener interaction. I want to get back to broadcasting live ASAP though.

This week also saw Sheffield University win the Times Higher Education award of 'University of the Year'.  I think Shef Uni is a very good uni on the whole.

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