Sunday, 6 November 2011

Right, let's see what's happened since my last post...

Things are heating up at uni.  We've all been given our news patches now, and mine is Barnsley, so over the next six weeks I have to visit regularly and find four stories to film and record for TV and radio.

During the last week I had a voice training session where I got some advice on how to improve my voice when reading news bulletins.  Basically I need to 'read' less, and understand the story so that I'm explaining it to the listener rather than just reading from a screen.  I also need to inject some more emotion and variation into my voice, so I'm planning to practise reading news bulletins quite a bit over the next few weeks.  I think this would improve my voice when I'm presenting my Gamewave show as well.  To an extent, doing a music show like Gamewave, you're voice is always going to sound more natural though, as you're ad-libbing, not reading from a sheet or screen.

Speaking of Gamewave, I've now switched from broadcasting live to pre-recording my shows.  Broadcasting live is more fun and basically easier, but my time slot of midnight-1am on a Friday makes getting home when I've finished difficult.  The guys who run the station say I should get a better time slot next semester, and I look forward to broadcasting live again.  I want to get more experience doing it live.  It's completely different from pre-recording, and I have enough experience pre-recording shows from doing the podcast for years.

BJ F.C. has had a mixed season so far.  Out of four we've lost two and won two.  Due to having so many people in the squad it's impractical to give everyone a game each week, so three players now sit out each time.  We've been experimenting with formations and positions for different players, and last Thursday we seemed to find a winning formula - we played really well, winning 5-3.

Halloween was fun.  I dressed up as a chainsaw murderer and hit the town with the guys from my class.  Everyone at Pizza Hut dressed up over the Halloween weekend as well - I wore a Hannibal Lecter mask.

Bonfire Night was good.  It's one of my favourite times of year and I didn't really celebrate it when I was in Japan last year.  Well, Emma and I attempted to make parkin and bonfire toffee and watched V For Vendetta, but it's not the same.  This year I went to a mate's house and he had some fireworks in his back garden.

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