Monday, 17 October 2011


Things have been intensely busy these last couple of weeks.  My uni timetable has settled down now and I have one 10am start and four 9am starts, and most days I finish around 5pm.  I'm also working at Pizza Hut every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so free time is at a premium.  In fact, I don't have any days off anymore, so the natural routine of five days of work and two of rest doesn't exist. I don't even get that Sunday night feeling anymore as I'm working seven days a week.  Last Friday was an especially busy day.  I was in at uni for 9am and filmed up until 4pm, when I caught the tram to Pizza Hut at the other end of town and did a shift from 5-9.  I then caught the bus back into town and prepared for my radio show, then broadcast from midnight until 1.

The show went well and was a lot of fun.  I got to grips with the software - called Myriad - pretty quickly and I've uploaded the show into the Gamewave Podcast feed.  I'm planning to do this with each show.  I also enjoyed listening to the show before mine and appeared on it for a couple of minutes.  I went to the first general meeting for the radio station earlier this evening, and because of a 24-hour RAG event going on on Friday, this week's show will be broadcast live from the Students' Union foyer.

BJ F.C. - the 5-a-side team made up of people from the Broadcast Journalism MA - had its first match on Thursday.  We won 12-2, but the victory officially went down as 9-2 to the other team, so that needs correcting.  We have a decent team with players for each position.  In fact, we had to turn some people away as there was so much interest.  There's ten of us in the squad in all.  This Thursday we're playing Printer Milan, the guys from the Print Journalism MA. Purely by chance we're in the same league, so it's been dubbed the 'journalists derby'.

There was also another small derby yesterday between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.  My brother went to Bramall Lane and I had tickets to go to the beam back at Hillsborough, but having had so little time to revise for a law exam I decided to stay at home and study whilst listening on the radio.  It sounded like a great game and it feels like a victory as we came back from 2-0 to draw 2-2.  The revision paid off as well, as I did OK in the exam today, but I could have definitely done with a bit more time.

Me and the rapper from my class also had our first practice last Tuesday.  He's written some really great beats and he just took out the drums and I played along and he rapped.  It sounded great and we're eager to get some tracks recorded.

On the music front I've been listening to some big new releases lately.  Here they are in ascending order of how good they are: Neighborhoods by blink-182, I'm With You by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Agitations by Cobra Skulls and The Hunter by Mastodon.  I also just watched Swingers.  Definitely one to re-watch.  Some great lines and laugh out loud moments.

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