Thursday, 6 October 2011

Back to autumn weather

The UK's Indian summer is well and truly over.  We're back to wet and blustery autumn weather now.  University is going well.  Thursday and Friday are pretty much all day practicals, so today we were editing video in Final Cut Pro.  It was pretty simple stuff as I've a bit of experience editing audio and video.

The guest lecture by Dan Walker took place on Tuesday and about 150 people attended.  He's definitely done really well for himself since leaving Sheffield University and he gave a lot of useful advice.  He emphasised that we can start to build our careers in journalism even while we're students at university and that's something I'll be doing.

One way to do that will be presenting a weekly show on the university radio station, Forge Radio.  This is something I wanted to do when I was an undergraduate but never had the time.  I applied last week and my slot is midnight til 1am every Friday night, and the show will be called Gamewave.  It'll basically be a live version of the Gamewave Podcast, which is something I started back in 2006 to expose chiptune and 8-bit music.  I haven't recorded many episodes lately, but I'm planning to record these live shows and upload them into the feed.

One of the guys in my class is into hip hop and writes his own beats and raps.  We thought it would be interesting if I played drums for him, so we're gonna start practising and recording soon.

All the lads on our course are into football, so we're starting a team and entering in one of the uni's intramural 5-a-side leagues.  As we're doing broadcast journalism we settled on the name of BJ F.C. and our first match is next Thursday.

Today I went to the Frog and Parrott on Division Street for lunch.  I haven't been in in a while and it's changed quite a bit.  My band played a couple of gigs there a few years ago, but the stage has now gone and it's been replaced by a dining area.  Apparently they still host gigs now though.

Going round to my mum's for tea in a bit.

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