Wednesday, 14 September 2011

24th birthday

It was my 24th birthday yesterday and I did a few different things to celebrate.

On Saturday I went to Corporation with friends. One of my mates recently moved house near to the town centre, purely for providing himself and mates with a place to crash after going out. We've been to Corp most weekends since I came back, and we always go down before 10, drink early while the drinks are still on offer and crash back at my mate's place. It's cheap and we always have a blast.

On Monday I did pub golf with the guys from Pizza Hut. Despite the fact that there are only around 10 people who work in the kitchen at Pizza Hut, three of us have our birthday on the same day, and one on the day before. Pretty insane. Pub golf was a laugh and ensured we were all well oiled by the time we arrived at Corp. We partied long and hard there. I lost my golf visor and pink v-neck sweater inside and my shirt ended up like this:

Tonight I've just been out for a curry with my dad, brother and sister at a place called Bay of Bengal.  It's just opened up near our house and was pretty nice.  The interior is good and you get a decent amount to eat.  Tomorrow I'm going out with my mum for a meal at a Mexican restaurant nearby.

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Blogger Ed said...

Happy (belated) birthday Joe.
Love from us all over the pond

14/09/2011, 22:15  

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