Monday, 29 August 2011

Three weeks

I've been back in Sheffield three weeks now. Things that seemed novel and new when I first came back have now become normal, but I'm enjoying it all. I'm working every day at Pizza Hut, usually from around lunchtime til 6 or 7, and that leaves me some time in the evening.

Last night it was my aunty's 50th birthday party at her place and most of my dad's side of the family were there. The food and drink was great. My uncle had stocked up his alcohol fridge full of many British beers which are rarities in Japan. My aunty had also cooked a big joint of roast pork and stuffing - another luxury I haven't eaten for the last year.

I've been out for a few nights in Sheffield, and not much has changed there, apart from the fake tan has got darker and bleached blonde hair brighter. I've been enjoying watching and listening to the footy, and I went to an away game at Bury with my brother a couple of weeks ago.

Last Tuesday I went to a gig with my sister in Nottingham. A band called Teenage Bottlerocket played, and I've been listening to them a lot lately, especially during my last few months in Japan. They sound a lot like Ramones, but they're proper catchy and great for singing along to. The gig was at Rock City - where I saw MxPx a few years ago - and it was a great night of pogoing and fist-pumping.

As usual, the British summer weather has been a letdown, but I'm enjoying being back.

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