Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tsugaru-ben Taikai 2011

The Tsugaru-ben Taikai is held every year in Tsuruta, Aomori Prefecture. It's a competition for foreigners to put on some kind of performance using Tsugaru-ben – a famous dialect spoken in this part of the country. The 2011 taikai was held this past Saturday, and a group of us from Aomori City entered with a Tsugaru-ben version of “More Cowbell”, the famous Saturday Night Live sketch. We had a lot of fun practising and we were really pleased with how the performance went on the day. You can see it here:

After the taikai finished we all went drinking at a local izakaya, and then onto Goshogawara City to see the 虫と火まつり (Insect and Fire Festival), one of Aomori Prefecture's numerous yearly festivals. The event's origins go back to when a swarm of locusts attacked the local rice fields, leading the townspeople to begin a festival which prayed for agricultural success. At the site on Saturday there were a few bonfires and two huge sculptures that had the bodies of insects but dragons' heads. These were set alight a few times and lit up like fireworks. Everyone sat on a big bank to watch, and there were a few hundred people there enjoying the evening.

The next day we went to ベンセ湿原 (Bense Shitsugen), a famous local marsh in Tsugaru City. The marsh is covered in yellow flowers at this time of year, and you can walk across the marsh using the path of wooden planks hammered into the bog. It turns out a lot of the foreigners had had the same idea, as we bumped into quite a few there that day.

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