Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I'm everywhere lately

I recently took part in an interview over email with Nick Spacek from Wayward Blog. The interview was in connection with The Dark Side of the Moon - The 8-bit Album, a release my netlabel made last month, but the article only touches on that release briefly – it's more about Pterodactyl Squad and the 8-bit scene in general.

Also, I was called up again on Monday evening by BBC Radio Sheffield and asked for another quick interview on the earthquake. This interview was with Dean Pepall for his drive time news show, and unlike the previous one was pre-recorded rather than live. The content was a bit different from the previous one as well. I've uploaded an MP3 of the piece here.

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Blogger Ed said...

congrats Joe. I can see you as the new Russell Brand.

hope alls well & stay safe.

Uncle Ed.

13/04/2011, 14:05  
Blogger Bart Lammey said...

Glad you're ok... and congrats on ep 50!

18/04/2011, 16:13  
Blogger Jephso said...

Cheers. Glad you're still listening Bart.

20/04/2011, 14:35  

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