Saturday, 26 March 2011

TMNT postcards

I first visited the Branded in the 80s website four or five years ago when I used to listen to a lot of podcasts. I came across the Branded in the 80s! podcast on iTunes and listened to all the episodes, where host, Shawn Robare talked about memories from his childhood in the 1980s. The podcasts weren't all that frequent, but posts over at his blog gradually started to increase, and Bit80s has now become a great mix of childhood memories, analysis of 80s culture and a library of 80s ephemera - Shawn buys up and scans loads of vintage magazines, trading cards, stickers etc. from the 1980s, meaning his images have ended up all over the internet.

Earlier this month Shawn made a post about how he'd got hold of a sweet TMNT postcard book from 1990 and that he was willing to send out a postcard to any reader who wanted one - he wanted to finally put these postcards that had been made 21 years earlier to use. I thought it was a good idea and said I'd like one, and it came in the post a few days ago:

Make sure to check out Branded in the 80s if you're into nostalgia or sweet 80s ephemera.

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