Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My appearances on FM Aomori

As I mentioned before, I was on the radio here in Aomori throughout the month of January.

There are two stations in Aomori, one being RAB Radio and the other being FM Aomori, and I was on the latter. I was on a show called 一路青森 こちらカ・ケ・メ・ぐる隊 which airs every Friday from 1PM and it started towards the end of last year to mark the bullet train coming to Aomori. The hosts on the show talk about various sightseeing spots and events in Aomori as well as playing music here and there, and there's also a monthly guest section which I was part of. November's special guest was the mayor of Aomori and December's was the head of tourism, January was me and February was my Korean co-worker. I managed to get hold of a CD of my four appearances and I've uploaded them as MP3s here:

First appearance
Second appearance
Third appearance
Fourth appearance

The hosts of the show came to the city hall at the start of January and we recorded all four interviews in one go. We just went to a spare room and they used a simple portable mic and recorder setup. They didn't send the questions ahead of time, so I had little idea of what we'd be talking about until they turned up. I was told we'd be discussing Aomori, but when they showed up they said they wanted to talk about me as well, so they handed me a sheet of paper with some vague questions on and we pretty much started straight away.

For the first interview we talked about Sheffield, how my interest in Japan began and food. For the second we talked about the local dialect here and sightseeing around the prefecture and in Aomori City. For the third interview we talked about British culture, and for the fourth we talked about my goals for the future and interests. The first two were handled by one woman, and then the second two by another woman. They both seemed to be pretty nervous - I must have been their first time interviewing a foreigner. At the end of the third interview the woman ran out of the room to get a cup of water saying her mouth was dry because she was so nervous.

After my first interview had aired the team sent me an email asking me to choose three of my favourite songs to be played for the remaining three weeks. So at the end of the second interview you'll hear "Photograph" by Def Leppard, then at the end of the third you'll hear "When I Get Old" by Descendents. It was interesting because the guy who is in charge of the show is a Descendents fan and we've been discussing various punk bands by email for the last few weeks. I actually requested a different song by Descendents but they didn't have anything except "When I Get Old", so we went with that. Then at the end of the fourth interview you'll hear "Light of Vein" by Japanese band, FACT.

As I said in the fourth interview, radio is something I'm quite interested in, and it sounds like there could be more opportunities to work with FM Aomori again in the future, which would be great.

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