Saturday, 8 January 2011

TV and radio appearances

So as promised, here are my 2 recent TV appearances. They were both on the local station, RAB. The first was by chance when I was out on a hiking trip to くろくま滝 (Kurokuma Waterfall), a famous waterfall near 白神山 (Mt. Shirakami).

The second was on a show called 江奈滋家の食卓. It’s a drama/comedy which focuses on environmental issues, and I was on to talk a bit about recycling in the UK. Recording was fun, and I got a lot of insight into how a TV show is made.

Also, my first radio interview was aired yesterday on a show called 一路青森 こちらカ・ケ・メ・ぐる隊 on FM Aomori. On Thursday the team of the show came to the city hall and recorded four 5 minute interviews which will be aired on their show every Friday during January. The show only started in November last year and was designed to help promote Aomori and its attractions now that the Shinkansen line is here. November's special guest was the mayor of Aomori, and December's was some head of tourism, and January is me. Tune in from 1pm every Friday to hear me. We talked about my background, and then what I thought of Aomori and its dialect. The kind of questions I get asked everyday by Japanese people basically. As I said previously, I should be receiving the shows on a CD at some point, so I'll put them online when I do.

It'd be great if I get more opportunities like this - radio is something I'm interested in and perhaps wouldn't mind doing after JET.

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Anonymous Hannah said...

Good man Joe!!! didnt have a swizz what you were saying but i listen and i was still impressed!!!

14/01/2011, 01:25  
Blogger Jephso said...

Nice one. I read through your blog this morning as I didn't have much work on, you've had some right adventures already.

14/01/2011, 13:14  
Blogger Dale said...

woot woot! that's awesome joe :)

24/01/2011, 09:06  

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