Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Asian Cup 2011

Last night was Japan vs. South Korea in the semi-final of the Asian Cup. It was a great game full of twists and turns, and Japan ended up beating their bitter rivals on penalties. They now face Australia in the final on Saturday, so everyone's gearing up for that. It's the equivalent of England reaching the final of the European Championships, and that would send the whole country into a frenzy back home. Excitement hasn't quite reached those levels here yet, but it's still good to be in a country where the national team is doing well at football. And while Australia will be favourites, it's definitely possible for Japan to sneak a victory. There's a meetup for all the Aomori Prefecture CIRs on Saturday night, which means I'm gonna be staying at an 温泉 (onsen, hot spring/hotel) in the middle of nowhere, but there should be a TV somewhere nearby.

In other news, I'm feeling rather smug about the fact that I managed to finally pay off my overdraft on my bank account back home. All the way through uni I was dipping in and out of my overdraft, and I graduated in the red. Money from relatives and my wages from Pizza Hut helped keep things at a reasonable level, but last Friday I transferred some money from my Japanese account, and it was enough to make sure I'm back safely in the black, and I shouldn't be plunging back into my overdraft again anytime soon. I'm not gonna lie, the wages on JET are a lot for what you do - I get paid more than some of my co-workers who have families to support. It's great though. Even though I've travelled a bit and had to buy quite a few expensive items since coming last August, my yen have been quietly piling up, and it's enabled me to send a whole months wages back to the UK. My sister told me they've been getting letters from the bank back home, saying my overdraft limit was about to be cut. I bet they were looking forward to drilling my account with various fees and charges, but, unlucky for them, I don't need my overdraft anymore.

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