Thursday, 7 October 2010

MxPx's Left Coast Punk EP

The other day I bought MxPx's most recent release from Amazon Japan. It came in a needlessly large cardboard box that could have held 50 CDs rather than just one.

Despite me being a big MxPx fan, this EP is basically garbage. With MxPx I usually get into their albums really quickly and listen to them on repeat for the first few weeks, then my interest drops off and I end up listening to the album every now and then. Well with this EP I've realised it's crap straight away. In fact, when it was first released I listened to a couple of tracks on the band's MySpace and they were terrible so I decided I didn't want it in my collection. The poor music is made even worse by terrible production. Second track, "Desperate To Understand" with its blazing-fast drums could have sounded awesome, but the production reduces it to a loud mess.

The only reason I bought this EP is because of two bonus tracks - "The Coffee Song" and "Keep A Beat" - that aren't available anywhere else, apart from a vinyl picture disc that was originally released in 2008. You can't even get them on the US or European versions of this CD, only the Japanese version, but these two tracks are some of the best music MxPx have written and blow the rest of the EP out of the water. It's strange that a difference of two years has seen such a drop in quality from the band. And now that drummer, Yuri Ruley has left I can't see MxPx continuing for much longer.

One of the redeeming features of this release is the packaging, which goes for a vinyl feel. The CD is printed to look like vinyl, and rather than a jewel case you get a sleeve with lots of paper inserts. There's also a Japanese translation of the lyrics which is a cool addition. Here are the two bonus tracks, definitely some of the best music MxPx has written:

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