Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Japanese TV debut

I was on the local news in Aomori last night. I went to visit a waterfall on Saturday called くろくまの滝 (black bear waterfall) and as we were arriving a TV crew was leaving. As soon as they saw me they asked for an interview and I obliged, the interview taking about a minute in total. They said it would be on the evening news sometime this week, and apparently it was, last night. I didn't see it myself, but a couple of mates did.

Incidentally I'm gonna be on TV again next month, taking part in a program called 江奈滋家の食卓. I've never seen the show before, but apparently it's a drama which deals with environmental issues and airs once a month. They also have a different foreign guest every month, and the guest for November is me. Filming will take place next month on the 18th, and tomorrow we have the preliminary meeting. Luckily, the TV show is made by 青森放送 (RAB Aomori Broadcating Corporation), the same people who filmed me for the news, so while I'm at their offices tomorrow I'll try and get hold of a copy of my appearance on the news.

The weather was great at the weekend, but we had our first snow this week. Everyone's making a big deal about it, and half the conversations at work now revolve around the cold weather.

Today my supervisor took me out for a short run in the car. He'd been wanting to show me a few places in Aomori I hadn't seen yet, but we didn't have all that much time so we only went to 青森公立大学, Moya Hills and a batting cage, but the batting cage was fun. Gonna go back there and hit some more balls. It was also interesting to see the university, which was up in the hills, like Kobe University was.

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