Friday, 27 August 2010

Smartphones in Japan

So this week I changed the phone I bought at the weekend (dynapocket T-01B). Despite it being a smartphone, it was shockingly bad value for money. It lacked many of the features even Japan's most basic phones have (like TV and infra-red ability), the features it did have worked poorly, it was physically bulky, heavy and glitchy, the Windows interface was poor and, worst of all, the battery life was terrible. Using it I just found myself wanting a phone like the one I had 2 years ago - something basic and cheap that just did the job. So I went back to Docomo and swapped it for a Black docomo STYLE series L-03B. Straight away it was far easier to use, and having a friend who works at Docomo meant I didn't have to pay a massive cancellation fee. So I've now got a generally better, longer lasting, less bulky phone for a lot less money. Sweet.

If you're in Japan it's kinda pointless having a smartphone. All phones come with email built in, which means smartphones are only useful if you wanna browse the internet or use specific apps a lot. But even then, normal phones have internet access. I thought the smartphone would be useful while I wait for internet at my apartment, and I thought the GPS function would be useful for finding my way around the city. And although those features worked well, they guzzled battery like nobody's business, and the poor quality of the phone as a whole outweighed them. In my opinion, normal Japanese phones are much more useful and economical than smartphones, and are way ahead of Western phones in general.

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