Thursday, 19 August 2010

Got my gaijin card

Things are going good, even if it is pretty hard to do anything without internet, a laptop, a phone or a bike. To get any of those things I've needed either a bank account, my gaijin card or money. Fortunately I managed to sort a bank account on Tuesday, I got my gaijin card today and I get paid tomorrow. So things should get a little easier from now on. The first few weeks are always rough, it was like that last time when I went to Kobe.

Using Facebook all the JETs in the area have managed to stay in touch though and we've met up a couple of times already. The 5-hour karaoke sesh on Tuesday was a laugh, and there's a BBQ down at the beach tomorrow. I'm glad to be in Aomori City, as that's where all the events seem to be taking place.

Work is pretty slow at the moment. I've been mainly preparing for a presentation on the UK I'm making at the end of the month, and having a lot of time on my hands has meant I've created a pretty sweet PowerPoint presentation. I might even upload it on here at some point - it's that good. The guys at work have been helping me settle in in Aomori though; yesterday one of the office guys took me on a quick sightseeing tour of the north-east of Aomori City. He showed me the aquarium, some ancient ruins that are a pretty big deal here, this giant Buddha statue (although we could only see his head from the car park) and a place called Sunset Beach, which I definitely wanna return to before summer's over. It's an idyllic little area of the coast with a sand beach, a boat rental business and a handful of eateries.

Catch ya later.



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