Monday, 23 August 2010

Beach Party

So this weekend I managed to get a phone and a record player/amp/speakers. Here's a picture, taken on my phone.

I got the phone from a Docomo shop near my house after being introduced to someone who works there, and I got the record player, amp and speakers for a reasonable price from a place called 2nd Street which sells loads of second hand stuff.  I also picked up a video player from there.  There seems to be a lot of 'recycle shops' like 2nd Street round here.  Can't remember there ever being that many in Kobe, but it's great, and makes finding retro stuff for my apartment easy.  There was just one problem with the turntable - the needle was broken.  But luckily there's a great record shop that's really close to my apartment, so I went down there and had a chat with the owner.  He had a look at the cartridge and broken needle and then flicked through all his old catalogues but couldn't find any listing for a replacement needle.  In the end he sold me a cheaper cartridge and needle which I'm using now, but we ended up having a long chat about vinyl and he showed me some of the originals he has for sale; he keeps them in special locked boxes behind the counter.  He had an original In the Court of the Crimson King and when I expressed interest he said there was already a buyer.  But he also has an original pressing of Roxy Music's self-titled debut which I'm gonna have a think about.  It was expensive but he said he'd knock a bit off the price for me.

That was Saturday, then on Sunday we went back to Sunset Beach, the place I mentioned in my last post, for a barbecue.  That was a lot of fun, and I took a few pictures.  The place was packed when we arrived as there was some beach football tournament on, then as soon as that ended most people went home.

Apparently you can go camping on that island if you're willing to swim all the way there from the mainland.

The camera on my phone isn't amazing, but it's good to finally have something to take pictures with, and to call people on. And I have a laptop coming in the post, so now I just need to secure a bike and some internet.



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