Saturday, 17 July 2010

Two weeks left

I came across this cool project today. A group of Star Wars fans have got together and tried to raise $3000 to fund the restoration of the Lars Homestead from Star Wars: A New Hope. Apparently the structure used in the film still stands in Tunisia but may soon deteriorate, so when these guys raise the money they're going to go out with tools and plaster to save it from disappearing forever. There's also an interesting report of a previous 8-day trip to visit many of the filming locations in Tunisia. I'm not in the financial situation to be able to donate right now, but it's an awesome idea and I'm sure they'll achieve their target soon.

In other news, things are hotting up as it's now only two weeks until I head out to Japan. I'll have to buy clothes, coach tickets and gifts, and then do all my packing soon. I have my graduation ceremony this Tuesday, and I'm working my penultimate shift at Pizza Hut this evening, then my last will be next Friday.

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