Thursday, 22 July 2010


So my university career is now officially over, 3 years, 9 months and 25 days after it all began. This Tuesday I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Japanese Studies.

Above is one photo with my sister and brother and then one with some of my classmates, both taken just outside Firth Hall.  It was a great occasion and it was good having everyone meet up one last time.

There were two parts to the day.  The first was a buffet in Firth Hall for students of the East Asian Studies department, and the second was the actual graduation ceremony in the Octagon Centre.  My family and I arrived at the university around midday and the first thing I had to do was pick up my robes which I'd pre-ordered over the internet.  The last time I was around the university the Students' Union was still being re-modelled and the whole place was a building site.  But the builders had obviously put a shift in and got the majority of the union done for the graduation ceremonies.  It looks completely different now, and much more like an airport than it did before.  I always thought the re-design was unnecessary, but apparently the university have millions to splash on the Union and none on proper teaching staff.  That's the thing with Sheffield though - it's constantly being re-developed, so you turn your back for a second and everything's changed.  But it's usually for the better - I think the city centre looks pretty decent now.

After I'd donned my robes and my family had taken a few photos we headed over to Firth Hall for the buffet.  There weren't too many people there when we first arrived, and some students didn't show up at all until the graduation ceremony, which meant photos such as the one above only have half of our class in them.  It was good to chat to my Japanese and Korean teachers one last time though.

When all the wine and champagne had been drank we headed over the road to the Octagon Centre and took our seats for the ceremony.  This ceremony consisted of students from the geography, sociology and East Asian departments, all part of Social Sciences at Sheffield. There were about 400 or so students and their families, and one after another we all filed out of our seats, up onto the stage, shook the chancellor's hand, walked off the stage, picked up our certificate and went back to our seat. I found it funny how all the costumes worn by the university staff seemed to have not changed since Tudor times. The trumpet fanfare and church organ music made it feel like some kind of church service or coronation as well.

And with that, we'd graduated. Most of us from Japanese then went down to one of the restaurants in the Union and had a drink and something to eat. It was interesting talking to my mates' parents, and all the families really seemed to enjoy the day as well. After that some of us branched off into a smaller group and went to have some dinner at a Japanese restaurant on London Road. The food wasn't bad, but I couldn't help looking forward to actually being in Japan and eating the real thing in under two weeks' time.

We then went for one last game of pool and a drink in Bar One, a place we've spent quite a few evenings over the last four years, and a place where the beer is extremely reasonably priced. I don't think I'll ever see such low beer prices again. We all then said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I have no idea when I'll see some of those guys again, if ever, but some of us are going over to Japan to work straight away, so no doubt I'll be staying in touch and seeing those guys quite a bit.

So not long until I leave now, just 9 days. Tonight I'm having a farewell drink with some of my mates from Sheffield, and then I'll work my last shift at Pizza Hut on Friday night. そろそろやな.

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ありがとうございます。ローブを着ていると賢く見えますね haha 日本は和服ですね。


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