Monday, 28 June 2010

Unofficial degree classification

I'm heading down to London for the JET pre-departure orientation on Wednesday, and as I need to hand in proof of my degree to JET I get to find out my degree classification earlier than my classmates. I just phoned up the school office today, and although it's still unofficial at the moment, I did in fact pass with a 2:1. This is no surprise, as my results have been mainly 2:1s with the odd first and 2:2 here and there. Now the final hurdle is out of the way, and I can truly look forward to heading out to Japan next month.

This bit of good news is in contrast to the abysmal performance of England against Germany yesterday. England were shocking throughout the tournament though, and didn't deserve to go through to be honest. But on the bright side, I should be getting a few more shifts at work now - there are always less customers when England matches are on. We're having lovely weather at the moment as well. Better soak it up before heading out to Japan with its poor attempt at summer weather. I'm gonna be in Tokyo for the first few days and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be well hot and humid like it was when I was there last August. But Aomori should be a lot better as it's much further north.

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